February 17, 2019

About Us

Who are our Clients?

  • Our clients are small to medium sized business owners and managers (SME’s)
  • They are smart and ambitious, and got where they are by hard work and tenacity
  • They are true entrepreneurs, and we are proud to focus on providing services to their unique needs.

How we service them

In staffing for our SME clients, we utilize the most advanced recruitment techniques to bring qualified candidates to your attention, and exercise due diligence when searching for qualified candidates for your small business.  Our goal is to make the hiring process simple, and our methods encourage long term retention of your new employee.  We consider a candidate’s soft skills and goals as well as their traditional hard skills, education and experience in referring a candidate for your consideration.

Our consultants are entrepreneurs themselves and each have the formal education, business experience and maturity that leads to information and progressive assessments.

Where do we Work?

We are almost everywhere you are.  We have taken a professional and established business model into modern times.  Our team of recruiters work remotely, and thus are able to service your talent sourcing requirements regardless of location.

Did you know?

  • Small businesses are the largest private sector employer in Canada (a small business is a company with less than 100 employees; a medium sized company has 100 to 499 paid employees) and employ nearly 70% of the labor force. 
  • A micro business has 1 to 4 employees and make­­s up 54% of all private employers
  • Ninety eight percent (98%) of businesses have less than 100 employees
  • Ninety percent (90%) of Canadians work in an SME

­­­­­Business Trends

  • Trends that affect Canadian companies are the rise of the millennials in the workforce and the impact of an aging population.  The impact of the continued increase in immigration and the unstoppable growth of technology.  To remain relevant a successful SME owner must understand and utilize these trends to their advantage.

Our Keys to Success

  • Compatibility of Goals

We recognize the difference between a job and a career.  If you are seeking a long-term employee, you must be able to provide a new recruit with a way to accomplish their    long-term goals.  Of course, you must first determine what they are.

  • Cultural Fit

We embrace diversity without compromising on the need for your team to mesh on values and job ethics.  Turnover can be a small business owner’s downfall

  • The “Right” Price

Qualified talent comes at all price tags, but salary is not the only motivation for the employees that will grow with your business.  In fact, a full 35% of employees have been reported to have altruistic tendencies and want to feel a purpose and accomplishment from their daily living.

Next on the list are those seeking long term security and satisfaction from a job well done.  They are the pillars of your business and total about 23% of your workforce.  The remaining 42% are a combination of high achievers, “explorers” aka job hoppers, and unmotivated lags.  It is important with the limited resources of a small business that you spend precious dollars on the right individuals

  • Assess Life Path and Choices

Determine whether working for your business the natural next step in their career progression, or whether is provides a long-term solution to their current situation; for example, a dynamo who is now raising a family may want to give up the travel in their last role.  Beyond that, anyone taking a job beneath their qualifications or for a salary less than they feel deserving will probably not stay long

  • We check references

Many small business owners are so relieved to find someone qualified, available and willing to work for them that they often overlook this critical step.  Your potential new employee is a proven commodity to a past employer; listen to what they have to say then judge for yourself with new insight.