August 22, 2017

Core Values

When people ask us what we do, I answer “we are in the people business”.  Essentially, we provide qualified staff to a business to perform tasks that will generate an anticipated result.  But our inventory is people (employees), and we provide them to people (decision makers at companies).

Knowing this, our CORE VALUES are all about people, and how we can have a positive impact on our local and global communities.

The employees we seek for you, as well as our own internal staff are chosen based on two criteria – their ability to perform the required functions, and an analysis of their personal goals and values.  While we need to get the work done, we really CARE that the people with which we work are forever moving forward in their lives.

We believe that the achievement of success requires a combination of competence, character, and commitment to a mutual goal to produce the HIGH STANDARDS that we expect for our clients.  We operate with professionalism, integrity and honesty in order to win your business and build your trust.

Reaching a solution; that is, successfully meeting your staffing requirements, is very often about simply following a basic process:

  • We begin with a positive attitude – we will not take on a project that we do not feel confident that we can fill
  • We create a workable plan that will attract desirable candidates for your role(s) and put that plan into action
  • We utilize creativity to find opportunities of which others have not thought (thinking outside the box).  It is breaking from tradition that brings innovation to our process.
  • Then we just WORK HARD.  We work hard to meet your needs, to impress you, to earn your respect and to continue to win your business.