Begin With The End In Mind

We view talent selection as a process with a clear expectation of the end result.  When you provide us with an understanding of your expected outcome, we set up a search and selection process that will calculate success and exceed your expectations.


Give us the information we need to do our job well
Take the time to communicate your goals to us. We will create a process that will ensure that we are using the right criteria to select the best suited candidates for your project

Tell us of the potential for a permanent hire
If your goal is long term retention of your temporary workers, let us know. We will ensure that the candidates we select are open to a permanent role

Notify us of the specific challenges of the environment or the job
We prefer to tell our workers of potential challenges to their success. Whether it is a time shift issue, inaccessibility to public transit, or a hot, cold or dusty work environment, we prefer to let them know up front.  We don’t want anyone to quit during training because they didn’t know

Have reasonable expectations
It’s important to remember that effective training falls on the shoulders of management. A good training program assists a temporary worker to fit in quickly, feel comfortable with their tasks, and will enable positive results.