Why Should I Hire Temp to Perm

Temp to Perm is a great opportunity to determine a potential candidate’s suitability for long term employment with your company.  We like to view it as an extended interview!


Determine their skill set

On a daily basis, you have a chance to determine their work output.  Do they have an attention to detail, how strong are the skills upon which they rely, what is the potential to utilize their skill set

Determine their fit for your corporate culture

Are they a good fit for your business dynamic?  Are they upbeat or low-key, gossip or have bad habits that just don’t work with your team?

Determine if they want a permanent position

Often a temporary worker is hoping for a “foot in the door” to permanent employment… sometimes not.  Some workers have a lack of commitment, and prefer a flexible work schedule.  On a Temp to Perm basis, you can establish whether or not you believe they will stay, becoming a potential long-term employee.

  • Note that 74% of temporary employeesare looking for a permanent position, so chances are good that they will be interested in temp-to-perm opportunities.

Make sure they want YOUR job and YOUR company

If you feel good about your temporary worker, before hiring them on, ask them why they want the role, what about your company interests them, how they see the position fitting into their long-term career goals.  Make sure that they aren’t desperately seeking “anything” and that YOUR job is the right job for them.  This is one step closer to retaining them long term

Obtain Feedback from others

Solicit opinions from those who currently or will work with your prospective new hire. Its not necessary to tell anyone they are being considered for a permanent role, but asking a few questions will prove enlightening.  Ask about productivity, attitude, skill levels and person interaction with co-workers.

Get References

The agency that provides the worker is a good place to start, but past employers should also be contacted.  Just because they came in as a temporary doesn’t necessarily mean they should be considered for a permanent role.


There is however one important factor to bear in mind…

You are choosing from a pool of candidates that are currently unemployed, restricting your options.  A working person will not leave a full time permanent job for a temporary assignment, hoping that you will like them enough to keep them on.