July 17, 2017

Permanent Search

At Worth Personnel Group, we utilize the most advanced recruitment techniques to bring qualified candidates to your attention, and exercise due diligence when searching for qualified candidates.  Our goal is to make the hiring process simple, and our methods encourage long term retention of your new employee.  We consider a candidate’s soft skills and goals as well as their traditional hard skills, education and experience in referring a candidate for your consideration.

We understand that adding a new employee to your team can be challenging.  Finding a qualified individual with the right fit for your corporate culture can be tough, but we are here to alleviate that stress from you by providing you with candidates that evoke confidence in your choice.  They then undergo our screening process to ensure that they meet the Worth Personnel Group standards.

While we have an ongoing search process to bring on current job seekers, it is our propriety database that holds the real gems.  These are candidates that are not actively seeking a job, so you won’t find them on the active resume search sites. 

Our passive candidates want to be contacted only with specific opportunities.  They are not looking for any job – they are looking for your specific job! 

And perhaps most important… our consultants are salaried Customer Satisfaction professionals.  Their job is to keep you satisfied, and turn your business into long term relationship. 

Guaranteed Results

We are so confident in our process, we guarantee our results.  Ask us for details.