August 22, 2017

Screening your Temp Workers

We take screening your temporary workers very seriously!

Here’s what we know…

  • Hiring temporary workers is stressful. You are adding untrained strangers to your working environment.  The better the fit and the quicker you can get them up to speed, the faster you will achieve a return on your investment.Your temporary workers interact with your permanent workforce. Any poor work habits or negative attitudes can spread and infect your workplace atmosphere.
  • Your temporary workers interact with your customers and are a reflection of your business. Poor customer service standards could damage your reputation and result in loss of current and prospective business, ultimately resulting in lower sales and profits for your company.  Remember, your customer is unaware that the poor service is being delivered by a temporary employee.
  • Some of your temporary workers could become permanent staff. If so, they transfer to your employ without the long, expensive and stressful recruiting process from the beginning.  You can determine their suitability for your organization, their work habits and attitudes, leaving the conversion process quick and cost effective.

We know you need to hire fast.
We also know you need to hire well.