July 17, 2017

Temporary Services

A fast hire still needs to be a good hire.  Our screening process ensures a good fit, reduces turnover, saves repeat training and results in your company’s higher productivity.  We take screening your temporary workers very seriously!

If you require temporary or contract staff, we exercise our high professional standards to ensure we deliver the reliable help you need, when you need it.

Employee costs are one of the most significant expenses of a business.   There are many benefits for your business to hiring temporary staff, the most impactful being the following:

  • Cover off vacations, maternity leaves, short and long-term disability and illnesses
  • Hiring temporary staff provides flexibility to fluctuating periods of demand as a means to manage the ebbs and flows of your business cycles
  • Making a bad hire is costly.  Hiring a temporary offers you a chance to assess the worker without committing to a permanent offer.
  • Can alleviate some of the urgency in having a position vacant while you search for a permanent employee
  • A temporary or contract worker can be brought on to provide a specific skill for which your existing staff doesn’t have the expertise
  • If your existing staff are required to pick up the slack for a vacancy, stress can lead to a decrease in morale, and cause great employees to begin to search for a better balance in their lives